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Sell your products on the FitMarkets Marketplace.

Get your products in front of hundreds of fitness businesses nationwide. When they sell your products, you make money. Simple as that.

Inbox user interface

Quick and easy exposure with new customers.

Fitmarkets gets your products in front of your target customers with minimal marketing effort on your end.

Easily Integrate

We integrate with your e-commerce platform to make order management easy.

Automated Product Updates

As you update information on your products, that information syncs from your system to ours.

No Hidden Fees

Placing your products on the FitMakets marketplace is free of charge. We only make money if you sell products.

Unlimited Use

There is no limit on the number of stores that can choose to sell your products.

Order Reporting

Your supplier dashboard includes reporting on orders placed through the FitMarkets platform.

Product Promotion

If you choose, promote your products to get them in front of even more stores or higher on store websites.

Make money, without the tricks.

Our goals align with yours. Place your products on the FitMakets marketplace free of charge.

Only Pay For Sales

We only make money if you do. Rather than charge you a monthly fee, we take a percentage of each sale that is made.

What's included

  • Unlimited Product Listings

  • Shopify Integration

  • 24/7 Support

  • Analytics and Reporting

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