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A simple solution for offering more to your customers. Pick products, share with your customers, and earn money when they make purchases. All at no cost to you.

Quick and easy setup

FitMarkets makes the process of having an online store simple and effortles by eliminating product handling and shipping. Choose a URL, pick products from the online catalog, and you are ready to start selling. Simple as that.

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Choose from our catalog of products

The FitMarkets product catalog has been pre-sourced from some of the best suppliers of proteins, supplements, and more. All products are available to begin selling with the click of a button.

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Create your own products

Are looking to monetize your brand and content? Create your own custom t-shirts, hoodies and more when you create your free FitMarkets account .

Do you have digital assets like workout e-books, recipe books or training plans? You can upload and sell those on your FitMarkets account as well.

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All the upside, without the hassle.

Never worry about handling inventory or shipping goods. When your customer makes a purchase on your store, the product supplier or FitMarkets will fulfill and send that order for you, as well as handle returns.

Choose Quality Products

Search through FitMarkets' online catalog of products and add with the click of a button.

Share Your Store

Each FitMarkets store has a unique & customizable URL that you can share with your customers.

No Inventory Management

All shipping, handling, and product storage is completed by FitMarkets or the supplier.

Touchless Returns & Support

You never have to deal with returns. All returns are handled by FitMarkets & the supplier.

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